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Solydeus foundation is a civil society organization institutionalized in Argentina with the register IGJ1126/99 on 7th May 1998. It was created by a group of professionals who were convinced that society should know, understand and view, in science and technological innovations, the processes that may improve their living conditions. Solydeus´s objective is to provide and develop activities in science, technology and innovation that could arouse curiosity and inquisitive learning in order to discover and appreciate the world´s phenomena, changing the creation and knowledge`s transference into a social tool for its own benefit.

Colegio San Ignacio

San Ignacio School is an institution founded in 1992, in Tandil, Province of Buenos Aires. Its priority is that students acquire literacy for the third millennium, understanding for the word literacy, not only acquiring the abilities to read and write, but also the tools to reach any kind of text or discipline.

Colegio San Ignacio

The project “Scouts of the Science” is an educational enterprise together with Almafuerte Scout group that belongs to a civil Argentinian association of scouts and Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincial de Buenos Aires. This project embodies a variety of educational experiences that support the scientific investigation through the use of techniques and abilities from the nature exploitation.

ENJOCITI - Tandil - Argentina - 2014